Meet Our Team

Kelly Woods - Project Consultant

Florida West Coast from Hernando County to Collier County

With a background and degree in Early Childhood Education, Kelly brings a unique perspective to her Project Consultant role. Her experiences shaped her knowledge of play and help her to design thoughtful spaces that foster development and growth. Her passion is enhanced by years working with children of all abilities and raising a son with autism. Kelly uses her vast understanding of child development to bring the best in play to communities.

Vivian Figueroa - Senior Sales Consultant

South Florida

Vivian has a long history of marrying design and function to create exciting and creative community spaces. From parks and schools to childcare and community centers, Vivian uses her more than 18 years of play design experience to help communities get exactly the space they dreamed. Her passion is creating play environments that serve the entire community and bring people together outdoors.

William Johnson - Director of Planning and Development

North Florida, from Tallahassee to Jacksonville and down to Deltona

William has over 15 years of experience in strategizing, building, and managing projects of all shapes and sizes—from quality control and risk mitigation in the corporate sector. He now specializes in the recreation industry taking projects from concept to completion. William has successfully designed and managed hundreds of projects in Northeast Florida. Taking pride in an inclusive approach and delivering within budget and on schedule.

Debbie Lloyd - Sales Consultant

From Polk County east to Brevard and down to Martin

Whitney Tucker - Sales Consultant

West Coast Florida: Sarasota - Manatee Counties and US Virgin Islands

Whitney is your go-to source for playgrounds, outdoor fitness parks and shades.  With a commitment to excellence, Whitney brings her expertise to the sunny landscapes of Florida and the US Virgin Islands.  She offers a wide range of innovative solutions tailored specifically to  your needs and vision.  Whitney understands the important balance of enjoying the beautiful weather, while keeping families safe and cool.  In the hot and sunny climate of Florida and the USVI, shade is a necessity.  While providing top-notch products and solutions, Whitney's commitment to fostering active lifestyles makes her not just a salesperson, but a partner who will guide you through the process, working within your budget to transform your community into a vibrant hub off fun.

Dominic Conrad - Sales Consultant

Central Florida